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misconceptions of HGV drivers, 2021….

Dr Ella Russell

Mar 14, 2021



Despite what some people might think, being a truck driver isn’t an easy job. It isn’t something that just anyone can do And, frankly, it isn’t made any easier by some of the rumours and misconceptions about HGV drivers.

As we have seen in lockdown, the truth is that HGV drivers play a hugely important role, not just to the economy but to the smooth functioning of the whole of our society. And they go un recognised and un-thanked.

So, I’ve decided to discuss some of the most common misconceptions people have about HGV drivers as these are some of the hardest working, nicest people I have met in my career.

1. Misconception: All Truckers are men

‘Trucking’ can be perceived as a largely male dominated field, but female truck drivers are on the rise in the UK and around the world. As of July 2018, just 5% of commercial vehicle licence holders were women. But women are just as capable as men in this industry and they are showing it, with higher numbers entering the profession than at any time, in fact now it is estimated that 9 % of licence holders are women but we need this to increase!  It’s not a job for everyone, away from home, lots of hours on the road but the pay can be great and I’d do a medical for free on any women changing career to become a driver… just contact me!