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A Day In The Life Of A HGV Driver


Dec 09, 2021


Typically the day would begin early with a full check of the vehicle. These checks would include: tyres, engine, fluid levels, any visible damage to the vehicle. Once all the safety checks are completed and lorry is deemed in good working order, then loading will begin. Loading the lorry may occur at any time during a HGV driver’s day, it could be at the start or throughout the shift. These shifts can last anything between 9 and 15 hours, the law however states that breaks must be taken every 4.5 hours.

A HGV driver could be transporting anything from food for supermarkets to fuel for petrol stations. It’s the responsibility of the driver to load and unload the lorry as efficiently and safely as possible. All drivers receive extensive training on how to load and unload heavy objects safely without causing injury. Once these jobs are completed and upon receiving paperwork and schedule for the day the journey will begin. Lorry drivers have a specific time to complete a delivery and slow motorists can delay them which can be frustrating,

A HGV driver gets to travel to new destinations and meet new people, so no day is the same. Working alone can be a quiet and relaxing experience especially if the driver enjoys their own company. Listening to any music playlist, this can be particularly handy for drivers that are music lovers and own a big collection. Break times can be a great opportunity to unwind and read a book or magazine/newspaper. All in all, being a HGV driver can be a demanding job but it can also be made a personable experience.