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DVLA Update

Dr Ella Russell

Apr 21, 2020


Bus and lorry drivers – D4 medical updates

On the 17th April,Coming under increasing pressure, the DVLA relaxed it’s rules on driver medicals, please see the update below

” the The Government is making temporary provisions for bus and lorry drivers aged 45 and over to forego the need for a D4 medical in order to renew their driving entitlement. These changes are temporary and will only apply where the driver does not have any existing notifiable health conditions, and their licence has not expired before 1 January 2020.

The licence will only be valid for one year instead of five years and the driver will need to submit a completed D4 when the licence is due for renewal in 12 months. Drivers with health issues will still need to declare these, and those with health issues that prevent them from driving safely will not have their licence renewed. All drivers must ensure they are medically fit to drive.

With NHS staff rightly focused on the nationwide response to Coronavirus, these temporary changes will help protect essential supply chains and keep the country moving at this critical time.”

Whilst I welcome this change and know it will come as a relief to those who cannot get a medical in the current climate, I would advise caution to those considering postponing their medical for a year. Firstly, the medical is a chance for YOU to know that YOU are safe to drive which is reassurance at this difficult time. As well as that though, demand for medicals in spring 2021 will be huge as everyone who is overdue AND everyone who is due will be trying to book an appointment. This will drive competition and may lead to significant price rises with some companies and will lead to back log at the DVLA. Don’t postpone, book now!